Dental Orthodontic Interproximal enamel reduction IPR contra angle enamel suit

Dental Orthodontic Interproximal enamel reduction IPR contra angle enamel suit Item NO: 10501011

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  • Interproximal enamel reduction IPR contra angle enamel suit
Product Name Dental Orthodontic Interproximal enamel reduction IPR contra angle enamel suit
Item NO 10501011
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New Dental orthodontic Orthodontic enamel all-round suit for dentist


    Thanks for choosing our handpiece,and hopes that you will benefir greatly from working with your new product,please abserve the following notes to assure continued trouble-free,ecomomical and safe product aperation.In case of any products fault,please consult local Customer Assistance.


Fundamental function


  Interproximal reduction contra angle handpiece(IPR)is the removal of small amounts of outer enamel tooth sreface between two adjacent teeth.It is a means to acquire space to create ideal tooth a;ognment.

  Alternative names include:slenderizing,stripping,enamel reduction,and reproximation.


*Creates space to improve tooth alignment.

*Helps to improve the bitethe way your teeth fit together.

*Can increase the stability of the teeth,so they will retain their position long term.

*Can reduce "nlack triangles".this is created by the absence of gum fissure(gingival papilla)between teeth and gives the appearance of a dark space or hole.

*IPR in certain cases may alleviate the need for permanent tooth extractions.

*Note:IPR may also be used in conjunction with tooth extractions for reasons listed above.

*May help th improve the appearance of the teeth,reshaping them for a better esthetic outcome.




Fits E type handpieces

1.4mm stroke


Optimal torque

Gear rito:4:1/1:1 (for choice)


Take out the strip as below





  The orthodontist will carefully identify which teeth need IPR.Usinga dental handpiece and/or diamond strips(a manual technique for removing enamel).the orthodontist will remove the enamel from sides of the teeth contacting each other.


   Approximately half to a full millimeter of enamel can be reduce between two adjacentteeth,still leaving sufficient enamel for the teeth to retain optimal health.the prthjodontist will determine how much reduction is necessary for desired end result/


  The teeth may be smoothed and orthodontist may recommended a topical fluoride treatment and/or a daily fluoride rinse following the procedure.Gernally,there is no discomfort during interproximal reduction because of the minimal amount of enamel being removed.




There are several factors an orthodontists must consider to determine if IPR is appropriate treament,

Size and shape of the teeth.

The Position and allignment of the teeth.

The patient's facial features.

Exsitence of "black triangles"and need for esthetic improvement.



   Gernerally,interproximal reduction will not lead to an increased risk of tooth decay or gum disease,some patients may experience sensitivity to got or cold.Overall,this procedure is a very safe and effiective means of creating ideal tooth alignment.


Maintenance & Care


1.Please notice that check product appeatance,if it is abviously deformative.or attached foreign matters.

2.It must be kept in high temperature autoclavable sterilizer with 15 mins.and then dried for 30 mins.

3.put the stripper in correct way with contra angle/manual grip.

4.the stripper will be places on the interproximal teeth lightly stroke to cut and grind operation,if the stripper was broken or dropped at ground,should replace a new one in time.

6.After opertiom,the stripper should be cleaned up completely and put in dry conditions.




1.handpiece should be packed well and place at dry room with temperature 10-40,relative humidity not over 80%.

2.Moisture proof,avoiding sunshine and heat source during transport.

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